Stuffed Pizza 6-Pack

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The Stuffed Pizza 6-Pack includes six 9-inch Nancy’s Stuffed Pizzas. You can choose from either cheese, sausage or pepperoni pizzas. FedEx Ground and Home Delivery charges are included in the price.

The original Stuffed Pizza was created in 1971 by Nancy's founder, Rocco Palese. This amazing new pizza innovation was inspired by Rocco's mother's recipe for "scarciedda," an Easter specialty cake, which his entire family enjoyed back in Turin, Italy.  Once the recipe was perfected, Rocco opened a restaurant, named after his beloved wife Nancy, and featured his new pizza creation.  It wasn’t long before Chicago pizza lovers were hooked.

Stuffed Pizza is actually assembled very much like a pie.  Ingredients are placed inside a pizza dough lined cake pan.  Once all the cheese and your favorite ingredients are added, the “pie” is covered with a thin layer of dough, topped with our signature pizza sauce and baked to perfection.

To this day we continue to make our signature dough using only the highest quality flour and simple ingredients. The hand-worked dough keeps our pizza thickness consistent, giving you a perfect pizza every time!

A great pizza sauce is the key to every great pizza and our secret recipe, using only vine-ripened tomatoes which are processed within hours of being picked, assures ultimate freshness. Once we add our own unique blend of spices and seasonings, the same way it was done with the very first Nancy’s pizza, the sauce magic begins.

No pizza is a pizza without cheese. We use a proprietary blend of the finest quality real mozzarella cheese along with a sprinkling of imported Pecorino Romano for the pizzazz. We take our cheese very seriously because if the cheese isn’t right, the pizza isn’t right!

Premium quality Italian sausage and spicy pepperoni round out our flavor offerings for those wanting an additional kick.